Top Destinations For Your Sailing Trip

pasea sailing

Think outside the box for your next vacation and think about taking a sailing trip! If you don’t mind the wind in your hair, the beautiful ocean and some refreshing sea spray on your skin, get ready and pack your bags for a sailing vacation. You don’t even have to own your own boat and can easily rent it. If you’re ready to embark on the ultimate vacation, here are some top destinations for your sailing escape:
1. Virgin Islands
If you’re a newbie to sailing, the Virgin Islands is one of the easiest places to sail. There are more than 40 islands and many more anchorages that you can easily visit and the sights are literally breathtaking. Many beginners like to try their hand at sailing here, which is why it’s one of the most sailed to destinations on the planet.



2. Croatia
Considered to be “the new Greece” or the “new Riviera,” Croatia is quickly becoming a hot destination! The good news is that you can easily plan a sailing trip and enjoy the bright blue Adriatic sea, which has about 1,1885 different islands to visit and explore.



3. French Riviera
Travel down the coastline of the French Riviera to experience its beauty, stopping in Cannes, Nice, Monaco and Saint-Tropez. The region is pure luxury, littered with yachts everywhere you turn.


4. Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Popular among the sailing crowd, Bay of Islands features amazing coastal scenery and is a small island nation that has is known for its sailors (many of its natives own boats). You’ll sail in its clear waters that range in every kind of blue hue you can image. There are about 150 different islands to sail to, allowing you a tranquil vacation on the water.


5. Greek Islands
The Greek Islands are rich with history and sailing is the best way to island hop! Island groups that you’ll definitely want to explore include the Cyclades that feature Santorini and Mykonos, the Ionians that include Skorpios, Corfu and Lefkada.

A sailing trip can be a welcoming change from your normal vacation. Just make sure that you know how to sail before you decide to choose this type of vacation or hire a professional to guide you for a safe trip!


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